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Here is where you can find fanfiction that is all over Jelsa! Most of it is from, but some are from Hope you enjoy!

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Dear Diary

by ElsaRose01 on FanFiction

After hearing her Youth Pastor teach a lesson about relationships, Elsa Winters decides to write a letter to her husband-to-be telling him that she is keeping herself pure. She begins to keep a journal filled with letters to him and on her wedding day, she gives her journal to her husband. Modern, Jelsa, Alternate Universe (AU), No powers. All Bible verses are taken from the KJV.

Rated: K

A Frozen Holiday Engagement

by ElsaRose01 on FanFiction

When Elsa's fiancé, Hans, breaks things off right before he was supposed to meet her family, Elsa is desperate to find someone to pose as Hans. On the plane, she meets the charming and sarcastic, Jack Frost, whom she detests; but, as I said, she is desperate. Modern, Jelsa, little bit of Helsa, AU, No powers. Based off of Hallmark Channel's movie, "Holiday Engagement."

Rated: K+

Come What May

by Jelsalover3 on FanFiction

It's finally time for Elsa and Jack to get married. Finally. Requested by KAMIKAZE-721. Song: Come What May, Moulin Rouge. Jelsa! AU

Rated: K+