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Author's Note: It is a proven fact (I think) that we all watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music all year long and not just in the month of December, so, I thought that I would humor you guys with a Christmas-y fic! It's mostly Jelsa, but there is actually quite a bit of Helsa (I took a deep breath and cringed as I typed that word. LOL!). So, enjoy! Because we all know that no one likes these author note openings, although we always put them in, I'm just going to get to the story! ;D

Elsa Winters hurried through the Corona International Airport, searching for her fiancé, Hans. Her usual "I-Mean-Business" was changed into a more comfortable short-sleeved ice blue tee, with a sleeveless, grey hoodie vest and dark blue denim skirt. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail. A fully packed gym bag was slung over her shoulder and she lugged her suitcase not far behind her black American Eagle flats.

A buzzing noise roused up from her purse and she quickly removed her phone. She smiled as she looked at the profile picture. A man with lovely, red hair; long, gorgeous sideburns; piercing, green eyes, and a dazzlingly white smile seemed to enchant her heart and soul.

She answered the phone and spoke...

"Hey, Babe!" Elsa said. "Hey, I can't find you. You're supposed to be here. Our flight leaves in an hour."

"Oh!" Hans exclaimed. "Um, I'm not actually there right now. I actually may have refunded my ticket and decided to stay."

Elsa stopped walking and her brow deepened. "What now? You refunded your ticket! But, Baby, we were supposed to go to my house over the holidays. You were supposed to come meet my family. I mean, my little sister, who, might I add, is obsessed with finding my a guy, and her boyfriend are going to be there! What are they gonna think when I show up without you? They're gonna think I'm some sort of loser!"

"But Babe, that's what you are." He replied with a slightly sinister chuckle.

Elsa's breath caught in her throught as she choked on a gasp. "Hans, wha- what do you mean? Are... are you breaking up with me?" The words bearly made their way past Elsa's lips.

"Look, I just don't think that we're working out."

"But, Hans... you gave me a ring. I mean, we're engaged!" Elsa protested.

"Oh, yes! About the ring. You can send it back. You know the address." Hans added.

"Hans! Please don-"


He hung up and left Elsa all alone.

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